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Market Impact Report
Gain an enormous competitive advantage by instantly matching News and Market Data.
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Here is a quick breakdown of what we can do for your company:
  • Through our exclusive partnership with leading news-release distributor Business Wire, News Quantified offers the Market Impact Report,
    which allows leaders of public companies to understand how their stock is directly affected by news events, from the exact moment a headline crosses and onward.
  • This report offers issuers a detailed analytical portrait of numerous key equity variables, including price change, volume and volatility.
    Other features include a breakdown of trading by exchange, insights into block-share and sub-penny transactions, and a comparison of stock activity against three self-selected peer companies.
  • Issuers will also get a clear assessment of their stock’s movement on non-news days as compared to days when a significant headline is released.
    The more familiar they become with the information contained in this report, the better they will understand what kind of news moves their stock – and what doesn’t.
  • Use of this report also allows key corporate communicators to shape messaging into clear, easily understood statements for public and stakeholder consumption.
    And the time saved on manual equity analysis means companies can more easily focus on other matters that are crucial to their business.