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8/22 01:54 pm nsany New for Nissan: 2018 Nissan Titan Midnight Edition trucks - Roadshow [CNET News] Neutral
8/21 12:01 pm nsany At Nissan, Midnight Is The New Black [Forbes] Neutral
8/17 08:00 am nsany Nissan readies next-generation LEAF for first public displays during 2017 National Drive Electric Week Low
8/15 11:45 pm nsany China e-car newcomer Future Mobility raises $200M in new financing [Reuters] Low
8/14 06:31 am nsany Nissan ProPilot Assist: Will slow and steady win the race? [Toronto Globe and Mail (Ontario, Canada)] Low
8/11 12:16 am nsany Ex-cop convicted of murder from days as alleged gang member [FOX News] Low
8/9 05:42 pm nsany Nissan recalling 52,016 Titan pickups in US, Canada [FOX Business Network] Low
8/8 04:40 pm nsany Nissan agrees to $98 million settlement on Takata economic loss claims [Reuters] Low
8/8 01:51 pm nsany Nissan won't build its own electric car batteries anymore - Roadshow [CNET News] Low
8/7 10:54 am nsany Nissan preps to unveil new Leaf EV [Seeking Alpha] Low
8/4 02:16 pm nsany Nissan assembly plant workers to decide whether to unionize in Mississippi [FOX News] Neutral
8/3 12:16 pm nsany Nissan workers divided as UAW tries to plant flag in the South [USA TODAY] Neutral
8/2 08:33 am nsany Nissan wants you to stop forgetting your kids in the car - Roadshow [CNET News] Low
8/1 11:28 am nsany Nissan Group reports July 2017 U.S. sales [Canadian Business Journal (Canada)] Neutral
7/28 04:09 am nsany Asian Shares Weaker In Cautious Trade; Nissan, Toshiba Eyed [Seeking Alpha] Low
7/27 07:30 am nsany Nissan Motor reports Q1 results [Seeking Alpha] Low
7/26 09:12 am nsany The Market Will Kill Oil Before the Government Does [Bloomberg Business News] Low
7/25 04:10 am nsany Former contract workers key in Mississippi Nissan union vote [Associated Press] Low
7/22 11:12 am nsany Why Americans can't buy the new Mercedes-Benz pickup truck [The Business Insider] Low
7/21 12:10 pm nsany UAW, Nissan pressing high-stakes campaign for worker votes [Associated Press] Low
7/20 02:40 pm nsany UAW chief: U.S. Nissan workers would vote for union right now [Reuters] Neutral
7/19 03:49 pm nsany Now Is Not The Time To Buy Tesla [Seeking Alpha] Low
7/17 05:36 pm nsany Nissan union vote set for Aug. 3-4 [FOX Business Network] Low
7/14 07:30 pm nsany What we know and don't know about the case of four murdered Pennsylvania men [CNN] Low
7/14 11:28 am nsany Nissan's JukeCam is a dashcam for adrenaline junkies - Roadshow [CNET News] Low
7/13 11:30 am nsany What we know and don't know about the mystery of four missing men [CNN] Low
7/12 09:28 am nsany 2018 Nissan 370Z isn't shameless enough to raise its price - Roadshow [CNET News] Low
7/11 01:42 pm nsany Takata adds 2.7M vehicles to air bag inflator recall [FOX Business Network] Low
7/10 03:00 pm nsany Nissan expects up to 20 percent of Europe sales to be zero emission cars by 2020 [Reuters] Low
7/5 04:04 pm nsany Denys Johnson-Davies, Translator of Arab Writers, Is Dead at 94 [The New York Times] Low
7/5 07:27 am nsany Nissan Motor Co Ltd (NASDAQ: NSANY) was upgraded by analysts at J P Morgan Chase & Co from a "neutral" rating to an "overweight" rating. Low
7/3 11:28 am nsany Nissan Group Reports June 2017 U.S. Sales [Canadian Business Journal (Canada)] Low
6/29 06:43 pm nsany Nissan says likely it will not be able to be reimbursed for past, future recalls after Takata bankruptcy filing [Reuters] Low
6/29 02:33 pm nsany Nissan to turn over new Leaf on September 6 - Roadshow [CNET News] Neutral
6/28 05:42 am nsany Nissan’s premium brand Infiniti courts NBA’s Stephen Curry [Reuters] Low
6/26 07:52 am nsany Car races through arrest scene; police seek driver [CBS News] Low
6/23 12:49 pm nsany Nissan’s ProPILOT driver assist features coming to the new LEAF EV [TechCrunch Blog] Low
6/22 01:12 pm nsany Nissan reveals plans to launch a driverless ride-hailing service to rival Uber and Lyft [The Business Insider] Neutral
6/20 09:10 pm nsany Russia says informed about recall of nearly 7,000 Nissan cars [Reuters] Low
6/20 11:03 am nsany Exclusive: China problems force Aston Martin into global recall of 1,658 cars [Reuters] Low
6/19 12:28 pm nsany SAPVoice: How 3 Industry Leaders Embrace Cloud Optimization [Forbes] Low
6/16 12:16 pm nsany Review: Nissan Rogue Sport is sized, priced just right [USA TODAY] Low
6/13 08:00 am nsany Nissan expands electric vehicle infrastructure with two new public fast-charge stations in Michigan Low
6/9 06:57 pm nsany Man who drove off Angeles Crest in apparent suicide ID’d as Pasadena resident [Los Angeles Times (CA)] Low
6/8 04:16 pm nsany Nissan pledges to go big on automatic emergency braking [USA TODAY] Low
6/8 01:28 pm nsany Nissan to offer standard Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) on one million U.S. vehicles in 2018 model year [Canadian Business Journal (Canada)] Low
6/6 03:54 pm nsany Nissan tries to sell electric vehicles... by handing out free gas? - Roadshow [CNET News] Low
6/4 09:12 pm nsany RPT-UPDATE 1-Nikkei tops 20,000 but autos, banks and yen make investors doubt sustainability [Reuters] Low
6/2 04:07 am nsany Nikkei tops 20,000 but autos, banks and yen make investors doubt sustainability [Reuters (UK)] Low
6/1 02:40 am nsany FIREFIGHT TO THE DEATH Bounty hunters, fugitive killed in car dealership [FOX News] Low
Date Time Symbol Company Name Action %Chg
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7/5 06:18 am Upgrades NEUTRAL OVERWEIGHT JPMORGAN Low 2.1%
6/6 06:05 am Upgrades Sell Hold Zacks Investment Research Low -0.3%
4/7 02:14 am Downgrades Hold Sell Zacks Investment Research Low -0.5%
1/18 03:29 am Upgrades Hold Strong-Buy Zacks Investment Research Low 1.2%
12/14 03:32 am Upgrades Sell Hold Zacks Investment Research Low -0.6%
10/5 10:44 am Downgrades BUY NEUTRAL UBS Low -0.3%
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