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About Us

Oliver Schmalholz

Co-Founder & CEO

Oliver Schmalholz is the co-founder and CEO of News Quantified. With over 15 years of experience in the global technology and finance industries, he has built four start-up companies, raising more than $50 million in venture capital. Schmalholz has both the vision to create revolutionary businesses and the skill to execute them successfully.

Before working in fintech, he co-founded European Telecom and was the first to sign an interconnection agreement with Austria after the industry de-regulated. This work was so sought-after that the firm was ultimately acquired by the fifth-largest publicly traded telecom in the world.

He then managed a U.S. equities trading firm where he designed a software solution that allowed for the low-latency, real-time processing of large volumes of information, along with no-delay order execution. Schmalholz’s keen understanding of how news directly impacts stock movement inspired him to launch News Quantified.

Jay Larmee

Co-Founder & CTO

Jay Larmee, who lives in Evanston, Ill., has 25 years of application development experience in IT as well as nine years in the trading industry. Mr. Larmee and and his team have developed custom trading applications for over 175 customers, including traders on the Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Stock Exchange. He also ran a software development firm focusing on financial industry applications.

Mr. Larmee holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from Loyola University Chicago. He has worked as a programmer, instructor, an IT executive and an independent consultant. In addition, he has taught computer science courses at Loyola University Chicago and at Robert Morris University.

How we got started

Prior to founding News Quantified, CEO Oliver Schmalholz ran a private trading firm and recognized how news impacts stock price movements. He searched for an out-of- the-box product that analyzed news’ impact on stocks; a system that would help people in the stock market industry make smarter investment decisions. But there was no affordable solution available to achieve this. So he hired a software development company to develop a primed, low-cost custom trading solution.

Since then, Mr. Schmalholz, who has years of experience in processing and analyzing company news and its market impact, and his co-founder have developed a new system perfect for a limitless customer base. This product delivers high-level, sophisticated analytical capabilities and results.

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Data from the beginning of 2006
11 Trillion
Encompassing 11 trillion shares traded
37 Billion
Over 37 billion individual transactions
Over 9,000 market-moving releases analyzed each trading day