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Gain an enormous competitive advantage by instantly matching News and Market Data.
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  • Eliminate the separation between news and market data
    Market intelligence and gaining an industry advantage. News Quantified allows you to access any stock’s reaction to a full range of breaking news and anticipated announcements, over 100 customizable analytic options and synchronized real-time news and market data. Our technology combines news and stock prices to give you a comprehensive insight and understanding to enhance your overall trading decisions.
  • Combined News & Market Data
    Access all the data in one platform, combined instantly for you. Save time, empower your decision making and gain a competitive edge.
  • Content
    Gain access to the market moving content all on one platform. Covering all 5,500 NYSE/NASADQ public companies; new product launches, officer changes, legal cases and settlements and earnings announcements, along with others.
  • User Scenarios
    Algorithmic Trading, Market Making, Portfolio Management, Quantitative Trading, Risk Management.
  • Delivery
    Our news and analytics can be easily customized and integrated into third-party platforms through our API's.
  • And so much more...
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