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  • Friday Stock Market Roundup: Two 300%+ Stock Gains
    Stocks are up sharply today, but all major indexes are headed for significant losses on the week. Markets sold-off dramatically earlier in the week, driven down by reports that the Trump Administration was planning wide-ranging investment restriction on Chinese firms. US officials have since pulled back from these more aggressive plans, but markets appear to remain shaken by ongoing trade tension.
  • Weekly Top Stock Recap + Friday's Top Performer
    Daily Stock Market Summary: Stocks appear to be ending the week mostly flat, holding onto gains from a sustained rally last week but failing to drive higher. Stocks are trading near neutral this morning: investors are idling while awaiting news on several geopolitical fronts. Overnight, China denied reports it was prepared to offer the United States over $200 billion in trade concessions.
  • Cannabis Stock Jumps Higher After Signing Distribution Agreement
    Daily Stock Market Summary: Major indexes are having another rollercoaster day, still at the mercy of geopolitics. Markets started the day down modestly, briefly rallied into positive territory, and are falling markedly at the time of this writing. Uncertainty over the situation in Korea, coupled with the US President's comments that he “doubts” trade negotiations with China will succeed, appear to be driving the selloff. Meanwhile, yields on US 10-year Treasuries breached 3.1%, a level not seen since 2011.
  • Medical Diagnostics Stock Up Sharply On Explosive Revenue Growth
    Daily Stock Market Summary: Markets are starting off this week's trading on the heels of last week's refreshing bullish run. Acute fears over inflation and trade conflict with China appear to be easing, driving the best sustained rally in months. The volatility surge of the past several months seems to be finally be abating—for the moment at least (core concerns for many analysts, chiefly the price dynamics of a peak business cycle environment, still linger).
  • Weekly Stock Market Recap + Bonus Friday Top Performer

    Weekly Stock Market Recap: Volatility Rules

    It's been another wild week for equity markets as investors struggle to make sense of how increased trade sparring between the US and China will affect the global macroeconomy. Early in the week, investors appeared optimistic that trade conflict was more rhetorical than real—only a prelude to negotiations. That sentiment has faded throughout the week, with China issuing a response to US trade restrictions, triggering another round of retaliation from the US government.